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We offer the best prices for our metals

We offer the best prices for our metals


Metal wires

Family-owned and operated

You Could Be Sitting On A Gold Mine

Are you cleaning out a garage or attic? Are you finishing a construction project? Once you start looking around your home or business, you will be amazed to find so much unwanted metal that can be turned into money.

Some Of The Metals We Accept

•  Copper

•  Brass

•  Aluminum

•  Stainless Steel

•  Lead

•  Nickel

•  Iron

•  Aluminum cans

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Bring all of your unwanted metals to us and we will pay you top dollar. You’ll love earning easy money and having lots of extra space on your property.

We welcome commercial accounts and walk-ins.

Once you speak with us, you’ll never look at your construction supplies and old household goods the same. Bring your metal to us today!

Metal wire recycling